Rejuvenate Your Vintage Baseball Cap


We repair the visor boards of vintage MLB wool and polyester caps for collectors.

We'll do our utmost to recreate the original look of your vintage MLB cap. We photograph every cap, match thread color, and follow the same stitching lines as best we can. While no repair can ever duplicate the original, we come pretty close. Many customers say they cannot tell the cap has been repaired. Keep in mind however, the condition of the cap dictates what we can do and in some cases it may be beyond repair. So please email photos for an opinion prior to sending us your cap.

Accurately repairing vintage caps is a time intensive process. We don't have high volume cap manufacturing machinery. It's may be a bit expensive but we think you'll appreciate the results if you're a collector or a "connoisseur" of vintage baseball caps.

What We Do:

  • Replace Broken or Cracked Visor Boards - remove brim, install a new plastic visor board, and sew it back on.
  • Reinforce or Replace Green or Grey Underbrim Fabric - the fabric underneath the brim can disintegrate over time. It can also disintegrate when removing the broken visor board. If it has small rips we will reinforce it. Or it may need replacing - we carry green and grey underbrim fabric.
  • Replace Sweatband, Cotton or Tan Leather - similar to the original. We'll sew manufacturer's/size tags back on as well.
  • Replace Brim Upper Fabric - ONLY with customer supplied fabric, and ONLY wool or polyester as on MLB caps
  • Restitch Visor - if it's just deteriorated stitching, we'll restitch it
  • Reshape and brush clean.

What We Don't Do:

  • CAPS CHEWED BY DOGS - Sorry, can't repair it. We can replace the complete visor with another which you provide.
  • Caps made with Heavy Cotton - Sorry, we don't work on them.
  • Caps visors with large permanent curves - Sorry, we don't work on them.
  • We don't replace snapbacks or velcro straps
  • We don't provide upper brim fabric. There are millions of color and fabric combinations. Fabric MUST be customer provided.
  • We don't repair cap crowns, replace buckram (the stiff material on the inside of the front panels), or do embroidery.
  • We don't work on elasticized, one-size-fits-all type caps.
  • We don't clean caps beyond a brush clean.

Some examples (Mouse over thumbnails for larger image):

visor replaced visor replaced visor & fabric replaced visor & leather sweatband replaced visor replaced fabric reinforced